New Publishing Model for Virginia Libraries Journal

As librarians we are intimately aware of the significant changes in the publishing industry, including scholarly and professional association journal publishing. Currency is increasingly important for publishing research results, and articles are increasingly discovered, accessed, and referenced directly, for their specific content and based on their own identifiers (DOIs – digital object identifiers). In response, some journals are moving to a model where they publish individual articles as they are ready for distribution, rather than within a grouping in an issue. 

With this in mind, and with a desire to make the Virginia Libraries journal content as accessible as possible, and our workflow as efficient as possible for our authors and our readers, we are making a change to our publication model.

New Publishing Model Details

Beginning with Volume 62, 2017, we will publish each accepted article individually, as it is ready for publication. Articles will be published in HTML initially, with an article PDF added as it is processed. At the end of the publication year, we will add a full volume PDF that includes all content for the volume compiled together. For Volume 62, this process will be compressed into an 11-week time period of individual article publication beginning in August, and culminating in a full volume compilation in late October. Beginning with Volume 63, 2017/18, our publication year for each volume will begin October 22nd and end September 15th of the following year to coordinate publication of the annual compilation in late September prior to each Annual VLA conference. Updated Online Submission and Author Guidelines policies will be posted on the Virginia Libraries journal site along with publication of the volume compilation for 2017. These guidelines will include publication timelines for article and full volume compilation beginning in our 2017/18 publication year starting October 22, 2017. The timelines will address (1) expected timeline for publication of each individual article from date of submission, as well as (2) the last date upon which one may submit an article for inclusion within a given annual volume compilation.

This new publication method will provide more opportunities to highlight the work of each author as individual articles are published, and will maintain a concluding highlight for the work of all authors over the year at publication of the annual volume compilation. This method will also shorten the time between the submission date and publication date of a given article as we manage the review, revision, and publication workflow for each submission separately.

We look forward to exploring this new model with you and as always: we welcome feedback from our VLA colleagues and the broader Virginia libraries community.

Feedback on the New Model

The Virginia Libraries journal Editorial Board would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions about the new publishing model. Please let us know via this brief feedback survey:


The 2016–2017 Virginia Libraries Editorial Board: 

Virginia Pannabecker (, Editor in Chief

Renee DiPilato, Editor

Paige Flanagan, Editor

Sue LaParo, Editor

Robin Sofge, Editor

Luke Vilelle, Editor