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New Publishing Model for Virginia Libraries Journal


As librarians we are intimately aware of the significant changes in the publishing industry, including scholarly and professional association journal publishing. Currency is increasingly important for publishing research results, and articles are increasingly discovered, accessed, and referenced directly, for their specific content and based on their own identifiers (such as DOIs – digital object identifiers). In response, some journals are moving to a model where they publish individual articles as they are ready for distribution, rather than within a grouping in an issue. Virginia Libraries is adopting this type of pubilshing method. . . . . See the full announcement for more information.

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Vol 62, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Essays / Commentary

Keith Weimer
Kathy Ann Clevenger

Research Articles

Liz Thompson, David S. Vess

Best Practice Articles

Rob Tench

Case Studies

Katelyn Tucker Burton, Jason Burton, Alyssa Archer
Allan Garrison Libby, Joy L. Yaeger

Themed Columns

Luke Vilelle