Synthesis and Toxicity of Lipid-Coated- Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles

Louis R. Hollingsworth, Joseph H. Conduff, Conner J. Balzer, Sieu K. Tran, Waqas Hamid, Lauren E. Rakes


Nanoparticles have a broad range of applications in novel materials and consumer products. Due to the unique properties of nanoscale materials, the toxic effects of various nanoparticles are largely unknown. Surface modi cations to nanoparticles, such as membrane or lipid coatings, may reduce immunogenicity and environmental toxicity, but these effects remain largely uncharacterized. The synthesis of lipid-coated titanium oxide nanoparticles was optimized and toxicity was evaluated. Thermogravimetric analysis showed that 5 μM of tricarboxylic amphiphile suf ciently generated uniformly coated nanoparticles. Toxicity studies on Zea mays (corn) revealed that uncoated titanium oxide nanoparticles exhibited phytotoxicity, while lipid- coated nanoparticles had effects resembling deionized water. Scanning electron microscopy displayed visual evidence of nanoparticle absorption into the corn seedlings in experimental groups.


Nanoparticle, titanium, oxide, titania, tricarboxylic, amphiphile, lipid, coating, toxicity, phyto- toxicity, nanotechnology, scanning, electron, microscopy

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