Dear Colleagues,

The Journal for Undergraduate Materials Research Editorial Board is pleased to present Volume 5. JUMR is a platform for undergraduate students to present their research. We are proud to be part of this organization that provides a bridge for interdisciplinary involvement by our authors from a variety of departments and universities. This issue includes papers from Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemistry Departments. In future volumes, we hope to continue providing materials research publishing opportunities for undergraduates students of diverse disciplines and universities.

The JUMR Volume 5 issue was led by a new editorial board. The editorial staff was a team assembled from departments including Architecture, English, Business and Engineering. JUMR provides the unique opportunity for student board members to be involved in the publication process. The goal of the journal is to support the undergraduate authors so that they may be able to present their research in a peer-reviewed journal. It is impressive to see the type of research undergraduates have been able to accomplish, ranging from fundamental theory to applications in engineering. The organizations represented by the undergraduate researchers in this volume are well-represented and should be proud of the work those students have done.

With the publication of JUMR Volume 5, the Editorial Board would like to thank our reviewers, faculty advisors and authors. Furthermore, we are excited to begin preparations for JUMR Volume 6. As we transition into the future, we are working toward electronic publication of the journal and wider accessibility.

Again, thank you for supporting our journal. Our readers and our contributors make possible these opportunities for students to develop and display their professional skills.

The JUMR Editorial Board

Back Row (L-R): Johan Foster, Cameron Crowell, Andrew Pfaff, Olivia Wilson
Front Row: Josh Stuckner, Rose Roberts, Kayla McNabb, Kelly Stinson-Bagby, Andrew Schultz
Not Pictured: Simon Babin, Rachel Corell, Steve Seichepine, Michelle Czamanke, LeeAnn Ellis, Nicholas Chartrain, Kris Shen, Elizabeth Bonnell

On the Cover

The cover features the author Priya Venkatraman holding a polyurethane film containing cellulose nanocrystals. Film provided by Ainara Saralegi and photograph taken by Johan Foster. Front cover edited by B Bagby.


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Final determination of the suitability of any information, procedure, or product for use contemplated by any user, and the manner of that use, is the sole responsibility of the user. This collection of works is intended for informational purposes only. Expert advice should be obtained at all times when implementation is being considered, particularly where hazardous materials or processes are encountered.

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