Editorial Board

The quality of any research journal is dependent on the services of a strong Editorial Board and that is certainly true for the Journal of Career and Technical Education. The Board has provided guidance to the manuscript review process and the publication of JCTE and the Editors rely on thstrong to provide quality reviews of several manuscripts each year. We express our appreciation to each Editorial Board mstrongber for their contributions to JCTE.

Dr. Barbara Hagler, Chair
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Dr. J. Elaine Adams
University of Georgia

Dr. Stephen J. McCaskey
Indiana State University

Dr. Sally Arnett
Northern Illinois University

Dr. Kristin Stair
Louisiana State University

Dr. John Cannon
University of Idaho

Dr. Sally Arnett
Northern Illinois University

Dr. Johanna Lasonen
University of South Florida

Dr. David MacQuarrie
Michigan Department of Education

Dr. Petri Nokelainen
University of Tampere

Dr. Jeno Rivera
Michigan State University

Dr. Adam Manley
Western Michigan University

Dr. Marianne Teräs
University of Helsinki

Dr. Karen Jones
University of Georgia