Vol 19, No 1 (2002)

JCTE v19n1

Table of Contents


Notes from the Editor
Kirk A. Swortzel
A Comprehensive Leadership Education Model to Train, Teach, and Develop Leadership in Youth
John C. Ricketts, Rick D. Rudd
Professional Development Needs of Novice Career and Technical Education Teachers
Sheila K. Ruhland, Christine D. Bremer
Using Case-Study Analysis in Technology Education Research
Patrick N. Foster
The Potential of Vygotsky's Contributions to Our Understanding of Cognitive Apprenticeship as a Process of Development in Adult Vocational and Technical Education
Abu Bockarie
Value of Scheduling-Related Inservice Education, Opportunity to Implement Effective Teaching Practices, and Performance of Block-Scheduled Learners in Agricultural Education: A Correlational Study
M. Craig Edwards, Gary E. Briers