High School Teachers Teaching College Courses to Career Technical Education Students? A Story of Success

Cathy Bishop-Clark, Janet Hurn, Stacey Adams Perry, Mary Beth Freeman, Mike Jernigan, Frank Wright, Nick Weldy


Dual credit, also known as "dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, post secondary enrollment and joint enrollment" can be defined as a course or program where high school students can earn both high school and postsecondary credits for the same course.Andrews (2004)points out that such opportunities range from earning a single course of college credit to earning up to two years of college work prior to high school graduation. This paper uses the phrase "dual credit." That is, at the successful completion of a course, students were awarded both high school and college credit. In our particular case, the five courses were taught on the campus of the (CTE) center by qualified CTE faculty members.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21061/jcte.v25i2.716


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ISSN: 1531-4952