Journal of Career and Technical Education

Current Co-Editors:
Edward C. Fletcher Jr. ecfletcher@usf.edu
Victor M. Hernandez-Gantes victorh@usf.edu


The quality of any research journal is dependent on the services of a strong Editorial Board and that is certainly true for the Journal of Career and Technical Education . The Board has provided guidance to the manuscript review process and the publication of JCTE and the Editors rely on them to provide quality reviews of several manuscripts each year. We express our appreciation to each EB member for their contributions to JCTE.

Patricia Coyle-Rogers , Purdue University, Chair (2002-04) Brenda Martin , University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff (2002-04)
Elaine Adams , University of Georgia (2002-04) Cheryl Poston , Clemson University (2004-06)
Steve Aragon , University of Illinois (2003-05) Bill Price , Virginia Tech (2003-05)
Bill Camp , Cornell University (2004-06) George Rogers , Purdue University (2004-06)
Penny Clark , Bowling Green State University (2003-06) John Shell , The University of Georgia (2004-06)
Howard R. D. Gordon , Marshall University (2003-05) Marja-Lenna Stenstrom , University of Jyvaskyla (2002-04)


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