Retention of Construction Teachers Engaged in Missouri’s Secondary School System

David McCandless , Aaron Sauer


The dilemma of discovering, recruiting, and retaining teachers is not a new problem facing our educational system. Educators, education stakeholders, and policymakers have been challenged with the quandary of how to deal with the teacher shortage and retain the novice teacher in their profession for decades (Bartell, 2005;Berry, 2004;Billingsley, 2006;Bradley & Loadman, 2005;Cochran-Smith, 2004;Dove, 2004;Gray & Walter, 2001;Hull, 2003;Ingersoll, 2001;Woullard & Coats, 2004). Moreover this is not a localized problem because according to theNational Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF), (2002), "an alarming and unsustainable number of teachers are leaving teaching during their first few years of teaching" (p. 3). Bartell acknowledged this when he stated "the need for well-qualified, highly competent teachers has never been greater" (p. 4) and furthermore buttressed byIngersoll, (2001a)who argued "the failure to ensure that all classrooms are staffed with qualified teachers is one of the most important problems in U. S. education" (p. 42).


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