Journal of Career and Technical Education

Current Co-Editors:
Edward C. Fletcher Jr. ecfletcher@usf.edu
Victor M. Hernandez-Gantes victorh@usf.edu


The Journal of Career and Technical Education can be obtained in both paper and electronic form. The printed journal is mailed to members and other subscribers around the world and is indexed in the Education Resources Information Clearinghouse (ERIC). The electronic journal is available worldwide on the Internet and can be accessed at the following case sensitive URL:

Prior to Volume 16, Number 2, the Journal of Career and Technical Education was published as the Journal of Vocational and Technical Education . These issues can be found at the following case sensitive URL:

It would not be possible to publish a refereed journal such as the Journal of Career and Technical Education without a distinguished group of reviewers. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following colleagues for giving their time and expertise in providing timely reviews of manuscripts.

Elaine Adams , The University of Georgia
Leonard Albright , Colorado State
Matt Baker , Texas Tech University
Greg Belcher , Pittsburg State University
Ted Branoff , North Carolina State
Dan Brown , Illinois State University
Wes Budke , The Ohio State University
Phyllis Bunn , Delta State University
Patricia Coyle-Rogers , Purdue University
Carol Decker , Lincoln Memorial
Penny Clark , Bowling Green State
Patricia Coyle-Rogers , Purdue University
Jacquelyn Deeds , Mississippi State
Chandra Elbert , Texas A&M University
Jack Elliot , University of Arizona
Cheryl Evanciew , Clemson University
Jim Flowers , North Carolina State
Howard R. D. Gordon , Marshall University
Brad Greiman , University of Minnesota
Penny Haase-Wittler , SUNY-Oswego
Helen Hall , The University of Georgia
Steve Harbstreit , Kansas State University

Betty Heath-Camp , Cornell University
Tracy Hoover , Penn State University
Dann Hussman , University of Nebraska
Richard Joerger , University of Minnesota
Jim Key , Oklahoma State University
Neil Knobloch , University of Illinois
James Lindner , Texas A&M University
Joyce Logan , University of Kentucky
Richard Lynch , The University of Georgia
Brenda Martin , University of Arkansas-
Pine Bluff
Jerry McMurtry , University of Idaho
Larry Miller , The Ohio State University
Rama Radakrisha , Penn State University
Donna Redmann , Louisiana State University
George Rogers , Purdue University
Jay Rojewski , The University of Georgia
Sheila Ruhland , University of Minnesota
Regina Smick-Attisano , University of
New Hampshire
Marja-Lenna Stenstrom , University of Jyvaskyla
Daisy Stewart , Virginia Tech
Wanda Stitt-Gohdes , The University of
Alan Truell , Ball State University
Keith Waugh , Southern Illinois University
Chris Zirkle , The Ohio State University

Thomas R. Dobbins, Clemson University


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